About Us

Who Am I & What I Deliver

* A Daughter, Mother, Speaker, Advocate, Servant of God, 

Financial Services Specialist

* A survivor of domestic violence and childhood trauma

* My vision is to educate, empower, and encourage individuals to break free of dead  end cycles, be fearless in their pursuit of happiness, and be focused on finding their divine purpose in life. 

* My purpose is to share my story of survival, the process to becoming free, my recovery and how I discovered and began to honor my voice. 

* My mission is to educate as many people as my voice will reach about the signs of domestic violence and what it looks like; to give them hope and let them know that they no longer have to be held captive by their past, fearful about their current situation, or discouraged about their destiny. 

* My goal is to provide resources and steps to help facilitate that next step in life with out fear, with focus and with focused intentionality so that one can live their best lives starting TODAY.