Conference Attendees Testimonials

Real Testimonials & Takeaways

"I love everything as usual.  So much information thas was given.  Caint wait unitl the next one." Shanina 

"God can walk you through anything. 

 Trust Him."  Anonymous

"Don't give in to 'shame, fear and guilt'."  Cheryl 

"Everything I learned will help me."  Lucy 

"Move beyond fear.  No more shame.  Guilt is not an option."  L. Lee


"Everything about the workshop was great"

" Wow wow wow! The energy in this room on saturday was unimaginable! From beginning to end this event empowered me in so many ways. As a black young lady having moments like this and attending events like this help mold me into who I AM becoming. Thank you Veronica Burnett for this event! I absorbed every bit of black girl magic that I could. Thank you Brandi Bridgett for inviting me and allowing me to spend the day with you! Thank you Mayra Figueroa-Clark for those affirmations and gems! “I AM creative. I ATTRACT high end clients. People LOVE working with me. It just comes EASY to me!” 


Question:  How can my church or small group host a Better Days Conference?  Answer: Contact Veronica Burnett at

Question:  Is Better Days Conference geared strictly for domestic violence abuse victims and survivors?

Answer:  No.  It is for anyone who has experience traumatic life events and/or those who feel stuck in destructive cycles and are ready to get out and move forward in their lives.

Question:  Does the Better Days Conference or Veronica Burnett speak outside of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

Answer:  Yes.  I am available to speak in your town.  Send inquiries to